Solar Kits


Solar kits come complete with everything you need except a battery & black plastic battery storage case (Marine Deep Cycle 12V-Series 24 size).  Our kits are easy to install with clear instructions and labeled wires with numbered plug-ends. Solar panels are mounted in aluminum anodized frames with sealed tempered glass, built for years of outdoor use.


We only recommend the 24V system (requires TWO deep-cycle marine batteries and black plastic cases- The 24V system provides a plenty of power to for those running a direct-drive motor system.



Kits include: solar panel, universal adjustable panel-mounting bracket, pre-wired w/ 20' of wire & 3/8" terminals, post mount universal battery tray. Note: 20w 12v systems include a voltage controller. A 20w 24v systems does not need a controller and is therefore cheaper, not factoring the additional necessary battery. 

Liftco 24 Volt 20 watt Solar Boat Lift Kit